Grahl Duoback

*Special Offer* Grahl Duoback chair

Limited special offer on the unique and highly popular Grahl Duoback 11 chair.

The word Grahl is synonymous with the world famous patented Duoback chair.

We have sold this chair to numerous customers with back problems and many without.

£449.00 + vat. Free local delivery (HP post code) or 35 + vat anywhere in the UK.

Available from stock in black fabric. Call now to place your order 01494 441247

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Grahl duo back from ROHDE & GRAHL!

split backrest, double comfort for your back!

Not only is the Grahl Duo back good for your back it also has positive impacts on musculature, metabolism, blood circulaion and the nervous system. According to scientific information the duo back releases pressure on the spinal column up to 50 %.

duo back ® seating comfort at the highest level with an office swivel chair that is as effective as a back massage!

Equipment and functions:

  1. Swivel chair with duo back backrest
  2. Synchron tilt mechanism with sliding seat
  3. Pressure control
  4. Split backrest is unique world-wide
  5. With flexible mounted backrest connectors
  6. Unique swivel chair with height and width adjustable backrest
  7. Relief for spinal column up to 50 %
  8. Achieves DIN/EN 1335 and the latest TÜV inspection standards

Double action:

  1. Flexible backrest connectors support natural work movements
  2. The body is smoothly supported
  3. No pressure on the spinal column
  4. Recommended by physical therapists, orthopaedists and health insurance schemes

Sit down and feel good:

Due to flexible backrest connectors and synchron tilt mechanism this chair optimally supports individual movements. You are seated well and your body is perfectly supported.

The duo back ® activates a change between pressure and relaxation and offers dynamic seating.


Grahl was formed in 1975 with 3 employees in a space of just 50 sqm. Three years later a second building was acquired of 800 sqm. By 2000, just 25 years after Grahl was begun total production area had grown to 17000 sqm. Through takeover of various interests  total production space had grown to 45,500 sqm by 2007.

Rohde and Grahl is a privately owned tradition conscious family business designing and manufacturing office furniture. Located in Germany Grahl is customer focused with a history of innovation, design, ergonomics and unique products.



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