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Grahl Duoback Balance Grahl Balance (BAL) BAL1

Balance: BAL

Task chair with Grahl's latest patented Duoback back rest.

Seat height and sliding seat adjustment.

Synchronous seat mechanism with multiple settings and weight tension adjustment.

Independently height adjustable Duoback back rest pads.

Optional 3D armrests with height adjustment and 360 degree rotating / slide top pads.

Movement is quality of life.

Dynamic sitting means healthy sitting. Normal office swivel chairs give your back only a limited amount of supported movement. The duo-back balance® gives a new freedom to you and offers all functions of a modern office swivel chair – with innovative ergonomic engineering.

Duo-Back Balance

The unique balance effect is covered by a world-wide patent application and meets the NPR standard 1813 and EN-1335.

Evolution is progress

The unique balance function of the duo-back balance® follows any movement of the back. This creates a pleasant “balanced” movement of the backrests to both sides. Due to the two-part backrest the spinal column is supported without exerting pressure. Furthermore the balance effect of the backrest allows for a light torsion of the spinal column and makes for an improved nutrient supply of the spinal disc.

Duo-Back Balance

Adjustment of the seat

The NPR-1813 version of duo-back balance® is far beyond the requirements of EN-1335. The duo-back balance® is characterised by an ideal range of adjustment. The seat height is freely adjustable from 400 - 510 mm (EN-1335) or from 410 - 550 mm (NPR-1813), so that the duo-back balance® fulfils all requirements. The seat is depth adjustable through 100 mm from 380 - 480 mm and inclinable through 4°.

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