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Therapod Status Therapod (Therapod) 5250

Therapod: Therapod

The Therapod 5250 standard back and 5500 high back are the most popular chairs in the Status range with in excess of 200,000 units sold.

Both chairs come with the Therapod Back Support System and Probax seating technology as standard.

Therapod Large Status Therapod (Therapod Large) 7470

Therapod: Therapod Large

Designed for the larger and well-built physique with a 30% larger seat, heavier rated mechanism and upgraded gas lift to accommodate up to 190kg (30 stone).

The Therapod 7470 enables the occupant to enjoy smart, modern office seating but with the comfort of a chair designed to accommodate their physical needs.

Therapod 247 Status Therapod (Therapod 247) 4255

Therapod: Therapod 247

An excellent combination of comfort and durability ideally suitable for continuous daily use.

Designed for use by the police, emergency services and security control rooms, the Therapod 24/7 combines ultimate strength and durability with flexible comfort.

Therapod Lite Status Therapod (Therapod Lite) 3150

Therapod: Therapod Lite

Designed for the lighter and more petite occupant with a reduced seat size, seat slide as standard and lighter weight range mechanism (up to 95 kg).

Therapod Lite shares the same System Therapod® technology that allows the user to shape the seat back to their individual requirements as do all the other chairs in the Therapod product family and features a height adjustable back, deep comfort pressure sensitive seat foam with ProBax® technology and multi-functional arms.

Therapod products are fitted with:

1) Therapod Back Support System
2) Probax


1) The Therapod Back Support System

The back support system consists of four adjustable straps, each one fitted to a highly dynamic, flexible Therapod 'shell'

These straps relate to three specific areas of your back:

Strap 'A' - Thoracic
Strap 'B' & 'C' - Lumbar
Strap 'D' - Sacrum


Experiment with different strap positions until you are sure that you have reached the required level of comfort and support for you.

How to customise Therapod to your back

Probax technology2)ProBax

The Problem - Traditional seats allow the pelvis to rotate backwards forcing the spine into a 'C' shaped kyphotic curve, resulting in poor posture and discomfort.

The Implementation - ProBax is a patented proprietory foam-based technology of varying densities, applied within the seat, using conventional materials and techniques. The technology can be incorporated into most forms of seats without modification to the frame or upholstery.

ProBax –
The sign of optimum comfort and wellbeing.

Incorrect spine position Correct spine position

ProBax - Correcting Poor Posture Original Seat - Results of Poor Posture:

  • Kyphotic position leads to disc pressure, spinal dysfunction and severe discomfort.
  • Constricted vessels reduces blood flow in the lower limbs.
  • Slumping causes a plethora of back and neck aches and pains, leading to fidgeting and fatigue.

ProBax Seat - Benefits of Correct Posture:

  • Upright lordotic position is maintained for longer, dramaticallyimproving comfort.
  • Increased blood flow through the lower limbs of the body.
  • Relieved stress on the spinal discs greatly reduces back and neck pain. Pressure under the hamstring muscles is alleviated and fatigue eased.
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