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SLS has been discontinued by the manufacturer, but may be available to special order.

Please enquire for details.


SLS Office Screens

SLS screens feature a robust 40mm thick extruded thermoplastic frame, in slate or zinc finish. Screens may be linked at any angle using a flexible dumbbell strip, or at fixed angles using rigid steel brackets. All SLS screens feature our unique 3-way linking system – and unusually, desk mounted and free-standing screens may be linked together.

The SLS Catalogue

The SLS Specifiers Guide (call for pricing)

Screen types:

Pricing Examples

16010S 1600x1070 screen Gp1 £117.00 +VAT
161014U 1600x1070/1400 screen Gp1 £141.00 +VAT
16317S 1600x1730 screen Gp1 £152.00 +VAT

Office Screen

Office Screen

Office Screen

Office Screen

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