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Ambus Office Desks

Tha Ambus furniture range was launched in 1994. Over 15 years it has been  continually expanded and evolved to cater for new technology and ways of working. Now offering much greater choice and enhanced functionality, compatibility with previous generations of the range has been maintained. Those who invested in Ambus fifteen years ago can still add compatibe items to gain best value from their investment.

Ambus is available in melamine (MFC) and veneer finishes. Desks, including the new bench system, are available with panel and frame ends. A wide choice of cable management and storage options are available within the range.

The enormous range of possible variations within Ambus means it can be specified to suit office interiors of all types.

Guaranteed for 5 years all Sven Christiansen ranges offer quality, long term durability and a supported 5 year guarantee. We offer a high level of service throughout the life of your product.

The Ambus 3 range is downloadable in PDF format using the link below. If you dont have a PDF reader you can download one for free from the Adobe website.

The Ambus Catalogue

Ambus Finishes and Options

Ambus Specifiers Guide (Call for pricing)

Sven Ambus Corner Workstations 

Sven Ambus Corner Workstations


 Sven Ambus Compact Corner Workstations

 Sven Ambus Compact Corner Desks

 Sven Ambus Compact Corner Workstation


 Sven Ambus Classic Wave Desks:

Sven Ambus Classic Wave Desks


Sven Ambus New Wave Desks:

Sven Ambus Wave Desks


Sven Ambus Double Wave Desks:

Sven Ambus Double Wave Desks


Sven Ambus 120 degree workstations:

Sven Ambus 120 Degree Desks


Sven Ambus Meeting Desks:

Sven Ambus Meeting Desks 1

 Sven Ambus Meeting Desks


Sven Ambus Workstations can be Panel End or Steel Frame.

Steel frame type C2:

sven ambus frame c2.jpg


 Steel Frame Type M:

sven ambus frame M

 Sven Ambus Cable Tray and Cable Management:

Sven Ambus Cable Tray and Cable Management.jpg


















Pricing Examples

AD16 1600 x 800 desk panel / frame £192.00 +VAT
ACS16 1600 simple corner panel / fram £232.00 +VAT
AFP3T/N under desk pedestal 2+1 £172.00 +VAT
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