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SPA Office Screens

SPA screens combine strength, versatility and elegance. They feature a 24mm thick aluminium frame (finished in slate or zinc) which incorporates our innovative three-way linking system. This allows linking at any angle using flexible dumbbell strip or rigid linking at predetermined angles using steel brackets.

The SPA Specifiers Guide (call for pricing)


Desk Mounted

Desk mounted office screens are available both fabric covered and in any of our standard MFC finishes.They may incorporate integral accessroy bars or slatwalls for mounting monitor brackets and accessories. We offer solid and part glazed options, and tops may be straight, wave or bow shape.


Solid or part-glazed, with straight, bow or wave tops.


Pricing Examples

S16010S 1600x1070 screen Gp1 £150.00 +VAT
S161014U 1600x1070/1400 screen Gp1 £208.00 +VAT
S16017S 1600x1730 screen Gp1 £207.00 +VAT

Desk Mounted Screen with Accessory Bar

Desk mounted Screen


Desk Mounted Screen with Slatwall

Desk Mounted Screen

Desk mounted SPA Screen

Desk Mounted Screen

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