X-Range Bench
X-Range Bench

Single or double sided bench desking

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X-Range Bench is immensely strong and stable despite its elegant lines.  Striking frames combined  with ‘power towers’ provide outstanding cable handling and even greater stability.  X-Range bench has become a market leader given its suitability to all offices large or small.

X-Range Bench is offered with either fixed or sliding 800mm MFC, 3D or Designer Finish tops. Sliding tops provide more convenient access to the rigid wire mesh cable trays set underneath. Cables are routed from floor level up through the power towers and into the cable trays, then onto the desk tops either via the back edge of the top of through cable ports set into each top at both sides. Routing cables is fast, simple and requires no tight bends – crucial for the latest generations of data cables. From 1000mm to 2000mm wide, X-Range Benches may be either double or single-sided, to ensure that maximum use can be made of available space.

Leg frame options
Leg frame options comprise the standard frame (D-section tubular legs of the original design) plus rectangular, square and A-frame designs. All are available finished in Black, White, Slate and Zinc.

Add-on module
There is no limit to the overall length of a bench: add-on modules can be inserted to achieve any desired size. Standard top height is 735mm with fixed tops or 741mm with sliding tops. Height adjustment kits (increasing top height by 25mm – 40mm) are available for fixed-top benches.

End-desk module
Complete any length X-Range Bench desk run with a matching ‘integral’ 1600mm Supervisor/Manager workspace option.

Existing X-Range Bench desks can easily be converted to freestanding desks for better social distancing.

View the conversion brochure here.


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