X-Range Modular System
X-Range Modular System

A hugely popular modular reception desk system

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X-Range offers a hugely popular modular reception desk system comprising rectangular and radiused desks with matching deskovers and glass counter shelves.  There are options for inset backpanels (to facilitate wheelchair access) and recessed desk panels (to maximise knee room).

Kickplates are in Zinc.

Rectangular Desks
From 800mm to 2000mm wide. Optional inset modesty panels.

Quadrant/Compact 90º corner module
The tight curve of the 90° corner makes it suitable for circumstances where space is very tight – but with the limitation that the receptionist cannot sit at the corner section. Usually combined with an rectangular module on either or both sides.

Curved module (convex, 1600mm radius)
Spacious curved desk usually combined with an adjacent rectangular module.

Counter Pedestal
A desk height, desk depth pedestal designed to be placed adjacent to a reception desk module. Differs from a standard desk height pedestal in that it has a kick plate to match those on the reception desk modules.

“Mini desks” 400mm high x 400mm deep (375mm internally), which sit on top of desk modules to raise the overall height to a counter height of 1135mm. This provides privacy and hides clutter, but counter height modules are often combined with desk height modules (with or without glass shelves) where space allows, to combine private space with a more open and welcoming section and avoid creating too much of a visual barrier.

Glass Shelves
Glass shelves 300mm deep and 212mm high, supported on Zinc or White columns, in sizes and shapes to match all desk modules. Optionally available with perforated steel front panels (Zinc or White).


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